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Our raw material supplier is Puratos.

Puratos is a Belgian family-owned business, founded in 1919. Puratos is an international company with a full range of innovative products and solutions for the bakery, confectionery and chocolate sector.

Puratos is always looking for quality improvement and continues to innovate, Puratos does this through the taste tomorrow program, among other things, in which extensive desk research but also customer and foodie interviews are discussed in order to be able to feel where the needs and wishes are.

Belgian chocolate enjoys an excellent reputation all around the world. Since Puratos has always had a passion for chocolate, it was a logical step for them to invest in the rich Belgian traditional way of making chocolate. In the 1980s, Puratos decided to safeguard one of Belgium’s most cherished gastronomic legacies: real Belgian chocolate.

A better world for everyone therefore requires a solution that requires the involvement of everyone who loves chocolate.

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