You can find our atelier at the southernmost coastal town of the Netherlands: Cadzand. Nearby the Belgian border.


Zeeland is well known as the region of The Netherlands with the most hours of sunshine a year.

We are delighted to welcome you in our beautiful region and to introduce to you the beautiful nature, the wide sandy beaches, the unroared dunes, the amazing hiking and cycling trails and culinary delicacies. (Zeeuws-Vlaanderen offers as much as 7 Michelin-starred restaurants).

Zeeland hospitality...

Zeeland has it all! There is something for every taste. The Zeeland hospitality that we are so proud of will put you at ease during your visit to our atelier.


Did you know that the chocolate factory which is situated on the back of the atelier produces and distributes orders to countries such as for example Japan, Canada and the United States of America?
We can tell you that this is something that we are secretly very proud of!


What do we do, who are we and where do we come from. Our products, the Chocolate Atelier and the location at the entrance of Cadzand.

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